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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.
With Erfolg International, you would always have the following :
Prompt communication
Prototyping to bulk supplies
Customized Parts, Process & Packaging
Assistance with Part Design
Quality parts, on time delivery
PPAP Documentation, when required
About Us
Due to the facilities & expertise that we have in Forging / Machining / Turning & CNC Operations, along with all the other secondary operations to aid us, we have developed a vast variety of products, processes & knowledge.
We can develop parts in wide range in terms of its size, material, processes & also coatings / plating.

For example:
From a pin with dia 2 mm to a shaft of dia 250 mm
From a screw of length 3 mm to a machined shaft involving multiple grooves of length 3 meters
From a standard DIN 933 / 931 or 912 to a complex part involving multiple processes & extreme precision.
From an all pervasive material such as Steel & Brass, to special metals such as Inconel & Monel
From Hot Dip Galvanizing to Hexavalent Chrome Free Trivalent Chrome Plating, Dacromet, Geomet & also Loctite Thread Locking
From standard Metric thread to ACME Threads even with 30 Deg Angle
From Standard 30 Kg Carton Packing, to customer specific packing including stickers / labels printing
From a general industry such as Construction, to a specialized industry such as Robotics
At preset, we export these parts to our customers mainly in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), Germany, Australia, US, Canada & Middle East.
In the following pages, you’d explore more about Erfolg’s product range and the reason behind why it is beneficial to be an Erfolg Customer.