Contact & Support
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.
With Erfolg International, you would always have the following :
Prompt communication
Prototyping to bulk supplies
Customized Parts, Process & Packaging
Assistance with Part Design
Quality parts, on time delivery
PPAP Documentation, when required
Part Name : Guide Pins & Captive Screws
Material : Stainless Steel
Application : Telecom Industry.
Erfolg USP : High precision parts involving multiple processes. Sampling done with PPAP Level 3
Part Name : Rotors & Vanes
Material : Graphite
Application : High Pressure Water Cleaners
Erfolg USP : High precision required for the slots & vanes with respect to the co-centricity & other dimensions in order for the machines to run smoothly & efficiently
Part Name : Tail Pipes
Material : Brass / Nickel Plated
Application : Beverage Distribution Equipment
Erfolg USP : Brass parts made with the required steps as the diameter keeps reducing. Erfolg even helped solve a problem with Client’s technical drawing and coming up with the correct part first up.
Part Name : Adaptors & Glands
Material : Brass
Application : Electrical Accessories
Erfolg USP : The customer had been buying the parts whose internal threads were either too sharp of broken. This created a lot of problem as the threading would lead to cutting of the cables inside. Erfolg delivered a perfect part with threads with absolutely no burrs.
Part Name : Lead Screws
Material : Brass & Steel
Application : Robotics
Erfolg USP : These lead screws have acme threading of 30 Degree angle as against the normal 60 Deg angle. Also the lead is of 3 mm with 2 starts. Erfolg, though took a little longer to finally get it right, made the parts in two different materials – Brass & Steel.