Contact & Support
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.
With Erfolg International, you would always have the following :
Prompt communication
Prototyping to bulk supplies
Customized Parts, Process & Packaging
Assistance with Part Design
Quality parts, on time delivery
PPAP Documentation, when required
1) Is Erfolg a manufacturing company or a trading company ?
  Erfolg is a fine combination of both, serving mainly as a contract manufacturing company, i.e. manufacturing as per your design, quantities and supply conditions. We have tie ups with various manufacturers, who are carefully selected by us based on their core competence and quality systems. This enables us to offer prices as good as those of manufacturing units, and at the same time allows you to buy many different parts in variety of materials from one company, as if you are buying from a stockiest.
2) If Erfolg does not have its own manufacturing set up, how can it be cost competitive ?
  Think about a scenario where you need to buy a few thousand screws of Brass, a few hundred studs of B7 Grade with compatible 2H Nuts, some hex head bolts of SS 316 and a few thousand 8.8 grade fasteners for Automotive. If you try to buy these from manufacturers, you will probably need to work with 4 different companies. Add to the woes of having to work & communicate with 4 suppliers the added hassles of arranging for shipping, documentation, aligning the deliveries etc. Instead, order from Erfolg and we take care of all these, plus offer you all the customized packing that you need, shipping options, splitting the deliveries if some parts are urgently required and all this, with prompt communication and a smile. You decide if you put a premium on your time, hassles, ease of operation and guarantee of the quality. If you do, you know why Erfolg, eventually, is cost competitive.
3) How does Erfolg guarantee the quality of parts supplied ?
  Erfolg selects the manufacturing unit based on their quality system, quality of products, experience and core competence in manufacturing a certain type of product. So, most units that we contract with are ISO 9001:2000 / QS 9000 or TS 16949 certified companies. Besides, Erfolg itself is going to be ISO certified company by the end of 2010 financial year. Each lot we supply is fully traceable, is checked at every stage of production, securely packed and supplied. The quality checks happen not only at the manufacturing unit, but also at Erfolg’s end.
4) What are the types of parts can we buy from Erfolg ?
  Please feel free to browse through our website, where you’d find the mention of all standard and custom made parts we can offer. Whether it is Forging (Hot or Cold), Machining, CNC Operations, Molding, Laser Cutting, Punching or Bending, we are up for the challenge. Industrial Fasteners, Custom Made Components in Metals or Engineering Plastics, Carbon & Graphite Parts etc used in variety of industries such as Automotive, Construction, Mining, Machine Construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Process Industries, Robotics etc are supplied by Erfolg.
5) How fast can Erfolg quote on our inquiry ?
  Well, it depends on the inquiry itself – material, sizes, volume, plating requirements, packing requirements etc. Usually, we submit the quotes within 3 – 4 days of receiving the inquiry. However, as a rule, you will receive a reply/acknowledgement to any mail you send to us, within 48 hours of its receipt, whether we can quote for the part or not.
6) Does Erfolg keep any stock of its own ?
  Some standard fast moving parts are kept in the stock for immediate delivery. Please send us a mail regarding your requirement and we’d revert to you very soon.