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 Cold Forging :
The process of Cold Forging is one of the processes we use a lot, as most of the automotive industry standards require this due to the high strength of the parts, small tolerances and volume production that makes it the most economical choice.

Hot Forging :
Hot forging is our process of choice when it comes to small simple parts in high volume. Its simplicity, reliability, and long life of the components produced, plus the little waste during the production makes it highly affordable.
 Bending & Pressing :
Bending is a flexible process by which many different shapes can be produced. Standard die sets are used to produce a wide variety of shapes.

Turning :
Turning was one of the first processes we ever used because it is the main process to produce fasteners. Due to the high tolerances and surface finishes that turning can offer, it is ideal for adding precision rotational features to a part whose basic shape has already been formed.
This process can also be used to refine features on parts that were manufactured using a different process.
 Milling :
Milling is versatile for a basic machining process, but because the milling set up has so many degrees of freedom we use it when we need to manufacture complicated components that are not axially symmetric and have many features, such as holes, slots, pockets, and even three dimensional surface contours.
Due to the high tolerances and surface finishes that milling can offer, it is ideal for adding precision features to a part whose basic shape has already been formed.
Examples of components Erfolg manufactures through this process are custom designed fasteners or molds to create other parts.

Grinding :
We use grinding as a finishing process to improve surface finish, abrade hard materials, and tighten the tolerance on flat and cylindrical surfaces by removing a small amount of material. Most of our fasteners are grinded after manufactured, as it removes excessive material and gives a perfect finish to each part.
 Thread Rolling (part of Cold Forming):
Thread rolling is one of the first and most important processes we use to create top end fasteners. By thread rolling the raw material, it becomes much stronger and smooth, besides it has an amazing accuracy that meets the highest quality standards of our clients.

Stamping :
Stamping is a relatively simple process, but it offers all the benefits of cold forging like speed and low cost. With this process, components that require high strength and holes or cuts are manufactured in seconds.
 Welding :
Welding is one of our custom manufacturing processes, the different types of welding and the different materials than can be used on this process gives a broad spectrum of options to manufacture.

CNC Operations :
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing is one of the most reliable manufacturing processes. That is why at Erfolg we use it to manufacture precision parts. Previously a rather expensive and complicated process, CNC manufacturing was not so common, but with time it has become a norm in precision manufacturing. At Erfolg International we count with the highest equipment to ensure the highest quality in our products.

Laser Cutting :
Laser cutting has become the manufacturing standard when it comes to high precision components, and as this is our business, we rely on this process to meet our client’s highest precision demands. Its ability to accurately produce complex parts and contours within minutes makes it our top end manufacturing process.
Combined with CNC manufacturing, laser cutting gives a +/- .1mm margin of error.